Because of the gracious covering of many of the traditional overhead costs by Quest, A Vineyard Church, Thrive Counseling & Coaching is able to start its fees at a lower rate than many. Yet, we also recognize there are many who may want counseling or coaching but may still need assistance to make that possible, and we are glad to have avenues to help you with that. 



If you are regularly involved at Quest or not actively part of any church, you are likely eligible to receive QuestCARE assistance for your counseling costs. You can submit a request for assistance by filling out the downloadable form here and submitting it as instructed for consideration. 

Click here for the QuestCARE Assistance Request Form. 


Requesting Assistance From Your Home Church or Synagogue 

If you are actively part of another church in the area, then click here to download a form you can take to your own church to ask for assistance with the counseling costs. Healing is best found in long-term, committed relationship. So Thrive encourages people who are part of a church to stay fully connected to their church for care and growth even in requesting this kind of assistance. 

Click here for the Church Counseling Assistance Request Form. 


Thrive Scholarship Fund (future—inquire as to availability) 

As it becomes funded, the Thrive Scholarship Fund will be used for free or low cost seminars in the community as well as provide some scholarship funds to people not covered by the two forms of assistance above. 

We recognize that if you are part of another church, that not all churches are able to support people with assistance for counseling expenses. Our hope in the future is to have an additional scholarship fund available from the generous donations of community organizations and individuals to serve your needs if you fit in this category. 

If you received counseling from Thrive, consider donating to this fund regularly. 

If you are an organization or individual who has a passion to see your friends and neighbors thrive by being able to afford help when they need it, please consider making a donation. 


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