Is Thrive Counseling and Coaching in my insurance network?

While some of the individual Helping Professionals may be connected to an insurance network, Thrive Counseling and Coaching as an organization is not.  You may be able to submit your expenses to your insurance carrier for out-of-network reimbursement.  Any work with your insurance carrier is your responsibility.  Please call your insurance carrier before seeking counseling if you require their assistance in covering the costs of your sessions.  Thrive has some scholarship opportunities that may be available to help if finances are a barrier to you getting the help you desire.  Thrive Counseling and Coaching does not have personnel who work with insurance on your behalf.


What counseling is like?

Your work with the Helping Professional will be a collaborative effort to help you share, understand what you are experiencing and come up with a plan to cope more effectively with your circumstances.  As with all processes like this, you may feel, at times, even worse for some time as you begin to face openly, and more clearly, issues you may not have dealt with as deeply.  Part of the process is also learning new ways of thinking, dealing with our emotions and relating to others, and as such, some of these new things may be difficult, uncomfortable or feel nebulous or even a bit confusing as you begin to try on these new ways of living.  There are certainly times when seeking help results in quick relief and positive growth.  Those are really fun and satisfying.  But the reality of growth is also often not as quick, easy or pleasant.

Thriving in life is not about always feeling good, but about dealing with all of life better.  We recognize that we cannot control life to be something that is always easy, good, joyful and peaceful.  But we can learn to deal more effectively with the difficult times in a way that makes peace, joy and a greater sense of purpose a more consistent part of your life experience and allows you to thrive in the easy and the difficult times of life.


How do I get help in an emergency?

Call 911 if the emergency is critical.  You may also call NetCARE 614-274-9500 24 hours a day for crisis, especially when it relates to suicide or drug use.  To contact your Thrive counselor call Thrive’s number at 614-855-3232 and select the box for your counselor.  Your phone call or message will be forwarded to your counselor.  Even if you have your counselor’s private number, please do not use that number for Thrive related crisis or emergencies.  PLEASE NOTE:  If you leave a message and your counselor calls back, it will likely show up as an “unknown” or “blocked” phone number in your caller ID.


What is the difference between a “Counselor/Therapist” or a Helping Professional and a Coach?

Counselor/Therapist refers to someone who is currently a licensed professional in the state of Ohio, or are nationally licensed.

Helping Professionals is a more generic term we use to cover any of our people who are trained for counseling at a professional, master’s degree level or higher by an accredited institution that is capable of preparing people to pursue state licensure.  In Thrive’s instance, a couple of our Helping Professionals who are not currently licensed in the state of Ohio were professionally licensed and practiced extensively in other states, but have not transferred their credentials to Ohio at this time, in large part due to how difficult Ohio makes that process.  These individuals may take on the title of “Helping Professional” or “Pastoral Counselor” (if they are also credentialed as ministers).  Pastoral Counselors working through Thrive must have a master’s degree in counseling meeting the same standards as previously mentioned to ensure best practices.

Coaches:  In the future we intend to have people who serve as coaches.  For example, we hope to offer Executive Coaching utilizing successful executives who have a passion and aptitude for training and supporting other growing executives.  We may also have people who are gifted in certain areas of helping people who may not have the professional master’s level training but do have solid experience and training in the area in which they are coaching.  Coaches may lead classes or do individual coaching and mentoring in an area in which they have demonstrated skill.  Coaches will be supervised by Helping Professionals on the staff of Thrive.

Counseling Interns:  Thrive also has a vision for working with counselor’s in training at the master’s level who will engage in coaching or counseling with groups and individuals.  If you are looking for an internship opportunity, contact Wendy Adelmann.