Thrive Counseling and Coaching wants to see you thrive as a person, in your relationships, at work and in your community.  Through a positive approach to growth and wellness, we desire to empower you to become the best you in relationship with others.  Whether you are facing an obstacle, a difficult situation or just wanting more from life, our staff of well-trained counselors and coaches would value walking with you to a greater sense of joy, peace, and well-being in your life.


Our services


We have specialities in helping people of all ages with a wide variety of issues.

Please look at the individual professional's profiles for areas of specialization.

Couples and Family

Premarital, pre-engaged, marital, communication, conflict resolution, parenting and family issues.





 Make An Appointment

1. Choose a professional. (Click on the Professionals link to view information on each professional).

2. Submit a request online or by phone for an appointment.

3. The professional will contact you to discuss your interest and need.

4. If you are unsure which professional to choose, either call Thrive and leave a message in the general mailbox or go to Wendy Adelmann's profile and use the contact button to submit information and request a referral from her.


Additional Services

We run a wide variety of groups and seminars from educational to more intensive therapeutic processes.

We are also available to speak on a variety of topics from marriage, parenting, domestic violence, PTSD, women's issues, substance abuse and self-esteem as well as integration of faith and emotional health.

Thrive Counseling and Coaching is a nonprofit, community based division of Quest, a Vineyard Church.  The vision of Thrive is to make professional counseling and coaching more accessible to anyone who wants it, because we believe well-being is essential to a thriving individual and community.  We want you to thrive in all aspects of your life, relationships, work and faith.